• Toolmaking

In our own toolmaking shop we develop and produce a share of the production resources we require for manufacturing our products. 

  • Melting

With our shaft melting furnaces, we melt down all our aluminum alloys with environmentally-friendly use of energy. In fact, we currently have 5 alloys in our range. 

  • Die casting

With our die casting machines featuring clamping forces of 420t to 1,050t, all of which are integrated in fully-automated casting cells, we produce complex, high-precision and pressure-tight components according to customer specification.
The process is precisely controlled and constantly maintained through procedure optimisation measures such as vacuum, jet cooling and minimum quantity spraying.

  • Machining

In metals machining, we can produce a vast geometric array of parts with high precision using diverse machine concepts (horizontal, vertical, double-spindle milling centres and rotary tables). In doing so, we also dry machine geometrically complex parts that have relevant surface cleanliness requirements.

  • Assembly/Final inspection

Assembly has been a fast-growing field over the past few years.
Depending upon the customer requirement, here shielding foils are affixed, seals inserted, caps screwed on with dispenser-applied sealant, fittings inserted, clips assembled, and a variety of other assembly steps completed.
Subsequently, depending upon the customer's wishes, a seal inspection and/or function check is carried out on the machined or assembled parts.
If necessary, parts that have undergone final testing can be laser marked using DMC marking.

  • Finishing: clean processes, high technical cleanliness

Centrifugal disk finishing machines, shot blasting systems, cleaning systems, a state-of-the-art laser cleaning system, and the continuous advancement of our processes are but a few of the elements that enable us to manufacture parts that can be glued, bonded and coated.
Our modern residual dirt laboratory – set up according to the requirements of the German Automotive Industry Association (VDA) Volume 19 – guarantees compliance with the agreed residual dirt particle sizes.