students August 2012

My summer job in the Alupress

Alupress AG has offered countless summer jobs over the years so as to provide young people with an insight into the professional world as well as the opportunity to gain initial practical experience or even to supplement their own pocket money.  

For Alupress, the recruitment of interns has always represented an investment in the future. The company from Brixen has again employed 27 secondary school and university students in various departments over the summer months this year.  From manufacturing to accounting, from commercial high school students to social science students, the young people’s fields of application are as colourful and wide-ranging as their training areas. An internship over the summer months is not only an excellent opportunity for students to get a sense of the organization; it also offers the company a unique chance to learn about the potential skilled professionals of tomorrow. It would not be the first time in the history of Alupress that a trainee became an employee. 


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